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  • South Africa's New Normal

Management Consulting

55East Management Consulting combines the analytical rigor of top management consulting firms with years of personal experience in the challenges of translating a strategic concept into everyday business practice. We understand that the purely analytical approach often faces challenges in the real world of markets, organizations, partners and operational restrictions. We offer solutions that are clear step-by-step plans to reaching the strategic objective of your organization and we are committed to reaching them with you.

There certainly are trends in management consulting. Beyond any state-of-the-art approach though, consulting is a people business for us. We do not believe that the industry trend of the day applies to every client. We customize each project and solution to our client’s requirements, organizational dynamics and unique competitive situation.

We work closely with our clients as one team.  But we also realize that we create value by taking an outside view of your organization and by providing access to new partners and networks. We endeavor to be a sounding board, a challenging discussion partner and above all, a trusted advisor.

  • Growth and expansion strategy
  • Business model development and transformation
  • Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships
  • Strategic planning and target settings
  • Regional footprint
  • Operational setup and improvement
  • Sales and Marketing

IT Consulting

55East IT Consulting focuses what our clients need to make the most of a dynamic and challenging market: Flexible solutions that scale easily with your business; Reliabilty and security to keep your investments and intellectual property safe; and Cost efficient IT options to give you the capabilities you need.

We leverage cutting edge cloud technologies to provide mobility and flexibility to our clients, and also have strong background in integrating new solutions with traditional business IT infrastructure.

Our team can draw on years of experience working with rapidly expanding clients and build networks spanning multiple international locations.

Like Management Consulting, IT Consulting is a people business to us: We work closely with our clients to learn their business needs and translate them into an IT solution. It is a continued dialogue that keeps our clients involved and on board with the solution. Our goal is to achieve lasting change, trust and a long-term working relationship.

  • Network security
  • Cloud Services
  • Efficient Business IT
  • Streamline IT support and development

The Middle East and Africa Region

55East helps clients to access the growth opportunities in the emerging markets of today and the future. We work with multi-national corporations as well as locally grown companies to leverage the rise of new economic centers into tangible long-term growth and competitive advantages. We develop new partnerships and growth models and enable your organization to operate at your full potential in new markets and geographies.

Growth is at the core of any expansion approach. Over years of recession and stagnation in developed markets, the emerging markets of the Middle East and Africa have become a central piece for many companies to achieve their growth targets. At the same time, local companies in these markets have asserted their capability to compete with multi-nationals.
Many of these market entries and expansion projects have proven more complex than expected and have yet to deliver the full return on their investments. Customer bases have often remained limited to the top earning 10-15% of the population – the top of the pyramid – or public institutions. Regulation has leap-frogged in many markets, favoring local value-added operations and managing cost to public funds. Necessary local partnerships require carefully managed business models and cultural understanding.

Despite all of these challenges, emerging markets globally and in the Middle East and Africa will remain the single most important growth engine for many companies. But companies and organizations will need to rethink an often opportunistic growth approach on a strategic scale, and shape their understanding of the opportunities, their investment level and horizon, their transformation to the operational environment, their appetite for risk and their talent approach.

  • 70 markets, 70 different opportunities and challenges
  • Critical issues in MEA (illustrative)


55east strives to assist our clients with deep expertise and local insights across industries and beyond the MEA region. We partner with experienced consulting and technology companies across geographies to serve our client needs.

  • International Health Care Consulting Network

About us

55East is an integrated management consulting firm. We offer strategic management consulting, operational advice and implementation services. We partner with clients from the private, public and non-profit sectors to drive their growth agenda, develop approaches to their challenges and implement the solutions we develop together.

Our approach combines the analytical insight of management consulting with operational business execution and technical expertise. We work in close collaboration with our clients to achieve lasting impact.  Beyond market dynamics and company strategy, 55East details the required operational steps, executes commercial support and develops information systems.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we seek to be a positive agent in the expansion and development of the emerging markets of the Middle East and Africa. Our personal experience in the region supports our clients in entering these dynamic markets, tailoring their business models, working with local partners, addressing operational challenges and building a strategic regional presence. We believe in creating value for our clients and sustainable development through successful commercial ventures in the region.


Management team

Claudia Palme

Claudia Palme

Partner, Director Management Consulting
  • 10+ years of consulting experience at Booz & Company and The Boston Consulting Group
  • 3 years as Executive Committee member in Germany at Novartis Pharma Germany, managing Strategy and Health Policy/Market Access
  • 2 years as Strategy and Operations executive for Middle East Africa at Amgen MEA, Dubai
  • Broad experience across consulting and operational execution, including growth strategies, business development, market entry, distributor organizations, operational setup, and strategic planning
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience across Middle East and Africa, as well as assignments in Europe, the US and Mexico
  • Industry focus in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Technology, Payors, Providers, Public sector, Consumer goods and Industrial goods
  • Master’s degree in Economics (LMU Munich), Master’s in Public Administration (Harvard)
Stefan Rottmann

Stefan Rottmann

Partner, Director IT Consulting
  • 10+ years experience in IT Consulting with his own German company, Rottmanns IT Services.
  • Specialist for tailoring IT solutions to the needs of mid-size companies with multiple international locations
  • In-depth experience in designing and implementing solutions for collaboration and communications and IT security
  • Hands-on experience with clients and IT service providers in MENA region
  • Master’s degree in Political Sciences (LMU München)


55east is located on 55th east longitude – in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates